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The following links should be helpful as you fill out the application and work to improve conditions for bicycling in your community. These links are grouped and ordered to correspond with the questions on the Bicycle Friendly Community application.

For general suggestions on making your community more bicycle-friendly click here.

Community Profile | General Indicators | Engineering | Education | Encouragement | Evaluation | Enforcement

Community Profile

To search for the Population of your community, click here.

Population Density of your community, click here.
Table: Mode of Transportation by Population Density

Climate - To find average temperatures and precipitation, click here.

Median Income, click here.

Age distribution, click here

Racial Breakdowns of communities, click here.
Table: Mode of Transportation by Race or Hispanic Origin

Census Data


General Indicators

Bicycle Master Plans
Sample Bicycle Master Plans
FHWA Planning Guidance for Bicycle Transportation Facilities

"Improving Conditions for Bicycling and Walking," a best practices report listing outstanding projects that communities have undertaken. To access the document, click here.

Click here for an outline of reasons we should be encouraging and promoting bicycling.

Search engine listing bicycle and pedestrian coordinators.

Bicycle Advisory Committee



Routine Accommodation
A news brief on California Assembly Concurrent Resolution 211 which encourages integrating bicycling when making road improvements.
California DOT's Deputy Directive DD-64

Accommodating Non-Motorized Travel
FHWA Design Guide

Accommodating Bicycle and Pedestrian Travel
Kentucky's Pedestrian and Bicycle Travel Policy (based entirely on USDOT guidance)
Click here for Oregon’s statutes related to the provision of bicycle and pedestrian facilities by public agencies

Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals website
For training opportunities related to trails and greenways, click here.
National Highway Institute website

Click here for a narrative on changes made to Portland Oregon’s bridges.
A guide to New York City's bridges
For a web site about bicycle access for San Francisco's bridges, click here.
Click here for information on structure and design considerations when constructing underpasses and overpasses for bicycles

Bike Parking Guide developed by APBP
Click here for a thorough review of bike parking considerations and costs.
For examples of bicycle parking costs in several cities, click here.
A list of bicycle parking manufacturers

Bike Racks on Buses
Click here for information from the FHWA regarding bicycles connection to transit.
Sportsworks is a manufacturer of bike racks for buses.
Click here for Phoenix, AZ transit authority's description of bikes on buses with tips for using the bike racks.

Bikes on Transit
A listing of transit services permitting bicycles
How to improve transit accommodation of bikes in the U.S.

Bike Lanes
A guide to signing, striping and marking bike lanes on streets, also includes FAQs on bike lanes.
Corvallis, Oregon's description of their bike lane network and maintenance.
An outline of Cambridge, Massachusetts's bike lane benefits
Click here for an overview of on-street facility bicycle improvements.

FHWA's description of arterial streets

Bike Trails
The Rivers, Trails, and Conservation Assistance Program, a community resource of the National Park Service. Rivers & Trails staff work with community groups and local and State governments to conserve rivers, preserve open space, and develop trails and greenways.
The Rails to Trails Conservancy’s Trails and Greenways Clearinghouse
Click here for an outline of goals, policies and ongoing planning activities recommended by Rails-to-Trails Conservancy (RTC) to be included in every state and metropolitan Long Range Plan.
The FHWA page of links for publications, design and program guidance
A list of American Trails bike trail-related links
International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), a great resource for bike trails.

Singletrack Trail Resources

Find an IMBA Club, Rep, Dealer or Patrol Near You.

For trails training, click here.

Information on Trails Tourism and Economic Development

Trailbuilding Resources

Kids and mountain biking

National Mountain Bike Patrol Resources Communications

Bike Routes
Click here for an example of bicycle maps from Boulder, Colorado
For more information on Vancouver, B.C.'s bicycle route network, click here.

An example of Corvallis, Oregon's maintenance procedures.
Iowa DOT's trail maintenance recommendations.

Commuter Programs
Employer and employee guides for bicycling to work
More resources for encouraging employees to bike to work


A database cataloging educational materials.

Educating motorists
Information on how to educate motorirsts.
Click here for a description of how motorists typically experience interaction with cyclists.
Information on educating adults

Education in Schools
The Federal Highway Administration’s Best Practices Guide
Programs to train teachers to educate students about bicycle safety in school - click here.
Potential education opportunities.

League Cycling Instructors
League of American Bicyclists Bike Education program web page.



Bike Month and Bike to Work Day
Information on Bike Month and Bike to Work Day.
For more information about Bike Month and helpful links, click here.

Bike Commuting
A DC area guide to promoting commuting by bike for employers - click here.
A comprehensive bike commuting guide for employees.
A Wisconsin guide on commuting by bike.

Local Organizations
A listing of League-affiliated clubs and advocacy organizations.
Website of the Thunderhead Alliance. Members are listed under the support menu.

Safe Routes to School
The 2002 Summary of Safe Routes to School Programs.
A toolkit to help start a Safe Routes to School program in your school or community
A guide for promoting Safe Routes to School.

Youth Programs
The Youth Bicycle Education Network web site



Usage Rates
A general fact sheet about California bike trips

For information on who is involved in bicycle crashes and the economic costs, click here.
Insurance Institute for Highway Safety fact sheet about bicyclist fatalities
NHTSA fact sheet about bicyclist crashes and fatalities
Who is involved in bicycle crashes and the economic costs

Feedback Mechanisms
Click here for an example of a feedback form for maintenance or improvement requests.
The bikeability checklist, a tool for evaluating your community.

Bicycle Master Plan
A list of exemplary bicycle and pedestrian plans.
A list of Frequently Asked Questions about bicycle planning.
Maryland DOT's Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan web page.

Planned Improvements
Click here for a summary of some of the strategies for implementing simple, low-cost improvements.

Integrated Networks
Link to Boulder, CO - a city with a well-integrated network.

Evaluating and Prioritizing
Click here for a bicycle compatibility index.



Police Department Awareness
General enforcement information related to bicyclists.

Officer training
Enforcement Training Opportunities -- overview

Targeted Enforcement
Sample Bicycle Traffic Enforcement Guidelines excerpt from Wisconsin’s Enforcement for Bicycle Safety Course.
What Violations to Target excerpt from Wisconsin’s Enforcement for Bicycle Safety Course
The case for bicycle law enforcement - click here.

Mandatory Helmet Law
A discussion of helmets and enforcement.
A listing of helmet laws across the country.

Other Laws
Click here for laws pertaining to bicyclists in the fifty states, Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia.

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